Those with vision are drawn to what they can’t see

Leave the beaten path

The typical method most schools employ leaves students to fend for themselves with expensive cram courses that don’t work.

Build life-long learning, not just “tips and tricks”

The Ray Dass program is a schoolwide personalized learning system that students use for 3 years, starting in the 9th grade.


The Ray Dass program is aligned to College Board and ACT standards, as well as to grade-level curriculum, so that our students are the most confident and prepared in the nation.


No other program in the world has been able to match what Ray Dass has so elegantly and painstakingly created, and the data proves it.




TOUCH TO LEARN™ SARA® is the first system ever to bring questions to life at the touch of a finger. Students touch any question they want to learn, and see lessons come to life in beautiful HD videos, expertly taught by Ray Dass himself.

Anytime, anywhere. SARA® is available via iPad and web anytime and anywhere so that students can learn at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want.

Ensuring mastery. SARA® cares about and pays attention to literally every second of time students spend learning and practicing. Anytime SARA® senses a student struggling, SARA® offers additional practice questions. Students must demonstrate mastery of a concept, before SARA® presents the next, more challenging concept.Sara Logo



Organized. Logical. Curriculum. SARA® is aligned to PSAT, SAT, and ACT benchmarks, as well as to the curriculum that most students see in grades 9 through 11. It is designed to reinforce the curriculum students see in school, and prepares students to see how the content they learn in school will appear on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.

Real-time monitoring. Utilizing the most advanced progress tracking ever available in an education platform, at the speed of just a few taps, SARA® shows student mastery down to individual concepts and question types.

Award-winning. The Ray Dass SARA® App has won both the EDDIE AWARD for BEST EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE and the BESSIE AWARD for BEST TEST PREP SOFTWARE for two consecutive years.

Talk to us. We’re listening. SARA® puts the most powerful learning tools at every student’s fingertips, including highly trained SARA® experts available whenever students need a little extra help.