Did you know that most of your students are NOT operating at their TRUE potential? Our NEW PARTNER, Ray Dass, is about to change how you view education, and the FUTURE of your school.

There are a lot of reasons to be thrilled about Ray Dass and the undeniable results he has brought to students across the nation. NCEA is proud to announce the Ray Dass FIVE-VIDEO series presented by Ray Dass on behalf of the NCEA.

Principals & School Administrators: LISTEN UP!

It isn’t every day that such an incredible knowledge resource shares priceless insight with our schools. If ever there was a time to pay attention, it is NOW.

Ray Dass will enlighten you about what it really takes to inspire students to go far beyond what they ever imagined was possible.

Beginning his career as a teacher, tutoring students for a nationally-known test prep center. It was during this time that Ray Dass realized he possessed a gift for helping students believe that they were capable of more than they ever thought possible. One by one, he helped students achieve success well beyond their own expectations. In 2006, Ray Dass formed his own company to further and expand the cause in his own unique way.

The main question: Could the Ray Dass approach that achieved results on a few students be effective on an entire school?

It is here where Ray Dass peeled back the layers built up over decades of status quo educational approaches and methods. What many academic vanguards choose to focus on in the school aggregate, as it turns out, is WRONG!

Most private schools do not focus on the scores that students earn on the SAT and/or ACT tests.

Ray Dass recognized that it is, in fact, monumentally important to the future of the student and the school to achieve the highest scores possible on the SAT and/or ACT tests, which are given only once.

Scoring low on these tests will affect which college a student is accepted by, and not only that, a poor test score can profoundly affect the student’s life path well beyond college.

The most incredible thing is that most school Principals, administrators, and even parents, are unaware of the true facts.

Realizing this ignited a furious passion in Ray Dass to rescue students from an educational system that was designed to make success more difficult. Clearly, if students were to achieve higher test scores, schools would surely benefit; As students become more confident and achieve results, their lives change, and in so many ways – so can the world!

How do you shake the very foundation of an established school system that has done things the same way for decades?

You do what Ray Dass has done! In 2006 Ray Dass began to design and build the most comprehensive educational system in the world. Taking the same approach that helped students during his teaching days, Ray Dass created the SARA® software app.

The app is based on a comprehensive curriculum designed by Ray Dass himself. The system is accessible from any computer or tablet device with access to the web.

Fully-supported and monitored by the school’s teachers, the software is designed to make cheating impossible. Students actually have to learn the material to advance, and if they get stuck, they have full support.

A simple-to-use interface displays the carefully designed lessons in a way that is logical and fun. Each lesson is accompanied by a video of Ray Dass guiding the user through the problems with an approach that specifically prepares the user for SAT and ACT.

Isn’t it enough for students to prepare for the SAT and/or ACT a full month prior to the test with expensive tutoring not offered by the school?

Negative! No! Nope! Not in this lifetime!

Most schools actually approach the SAT and/or ACT preparedness far too late. The Ray Dass system is a three-year program beginning in the ninth grade. The program is integrated into the curriculum of schools that are currently enrolled.

The obvious question is: Why spend so much time and effort preparing for a single test? It’s simple, most colleges that are not even considered top colleges are requiring SAT scores of over 1,320 to be accepted. Top tier universities are requiring scores as high as 1,540!

How can “average” students ever hope to score 1,500 on the SAT?

This is the greatest misconception believed by many students. The fact is, most of the students who think they are average are actually capable of far higher scores than they ever realized! Ray Dass knows this because it is a common pattern. Once students begin to use the Ray Dass SARA app, they quickly realize that they are actually GOOD AT MATH. In fact, many students who never fancied themselves as academically capable, actually became Merit Scholars, resulting in greater confidence and far greater opportunities upon graduation.

Does the Ray Dass program actually work?

There’s a reason that students greet Ray Dass like a rock star when he visits them at a school. In their minds, Ray Dass is the reason they are doing well, and he’s the one that gave them their confidence to excel…to succeed, and to one day change the world.

The Ray Dass program took American Heritage School in South Florida from averaging three Merit Scholars per year for over forty years, to having over fifty per year after just four years! Subsequently, that school has become number one in the nation. Bishop McCarthy has also become the number one Catholic school in Florida based on their Merit Scholars.

Schools that do well also experience an increase in enrollment as well as a better reputation in the community. Ultimately, it’s all about the students. Ray Dass has given students the tools and the confidence for them to have lives filled with incredible experiences and powerful results. Ray Dass students are well prepared for any challenge life might throw at them, because they know what they are capable of.

Just think of what can happen when a student isn’t prepared for that ever-so-important single SAT test. Give your students the ultimate chance to succeed: Ray Dass.

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