Do you know the limits of your students?
Neither do we.

The problem is that students live in a culture of believing in limits more than in themselves.

We help students recognize their potential and help spark it to life.

Once this spark is lit, it provides a light that stays with students forever, and illuminates every area of their lives with the awareness of what’s possible.

In just 5 years since launching nationally, Ray has built the number one National Merit program in the nation among private schools, the number two National Merit program in the southeast United States among Catholic schools, and has produced the majority of private school Merit Scholars for the entire state of Florida.

Trial and failure. Test prep has been stuck in the same exorbitantly expensive, rushed, and archaic experiment in cramming for almost 80 years, with no meaningful results to show for it.

An uneducated guess. Most schools underperform because they engage with cram courses that fail to adequately prepare students for the road ahead. Principals, administrators, parents, and students are mostly unaware of this fact, and while schools have the best intentions, top colleges have score requirements that most students are not prepared to meet.