Ray Dass & CSUSA


Ray Dass

Over the last decade, Ray Dass and his team have tutored over 150,000 students across the country and produced over 650 National Merit Semifinalists during that time. His program also built the #1 school in the nation among private schools for their number of National Merit across multiple years, with the most recent being the 2021 Merit class.

CSUSA Partnership

Ray Dass has partnered with Charter Schools USA to provide award-winning, results-based PSAT/SAT/ACT test prep and academic support to the Charter Schools USA network of schools. Through our educational software program, SARA™, and live, online instruction, we are able to offer the highest quality instruction across formats that provide the level of engagement and flexibility the schools and students of Charter Schools USA need in today’s educational landscape.

Goals & Objectives

2021 National Merit Results

  • 10% of all 2021 National Merit Semifinalists in Florida prepped with Ray Dass
  • 30% of all 2021 National Merit Semifinalists in Florida private schools prepped with Ray Dass
  • The #1 and #2 private schools in the nation for their number of National Merit Scholars in 2021 prepped with Ray Dass
  • The #1 Catholic school in Florida for their number of National Merit Scholars in 2021 prepped with Ray Dass

Core Programming

Using our award-winning, mastery-based test prep program, SARA™, as the foundation, the Ray Dass suite of programs allows students to learn in a variety of formats, including self-paced software and live, online sessions.

SARA™ is an innovative and revolutionary approach to standardized test preparation.    Unlike short-term test prep classes or “cram” sessions, SARA™ is designed to expose students to the PSAT, SAT, and ACT test materials and concepts over a longer period of time, allowing the students to become more comfortable with the material and questions they’ll see on the various tests.  SARA™’s curriculum is also designed to both mirror what they’re learning in their respective grades and to align with the College Board and ACT Benchmarks. With over 1,200 HD video tutorials and a pool of over 11,000 questions, SARA™’s depth and breadth provide a truly immersive educational experience.  

For High Achievers

Ray Dass Scholars is a program designed to take high-achieving students to new heights.  Using SARA™ as the program’s foundation, the Ray Dass Scholars program utilizes our proprietary curriculum to further strengthen and master the concepts and materials these high-achieving students will see on the tests..

In the Ray Dass Scholars Program, high-achieving students will be given the tools needed to put them in the best possible position to achieve National Merit, attain noticeable increases in their test scores, receive top-tier college acceptances, and unlock millions of dollars in merit-based aid.

For All Students

A test prep booster program designed for students at ALL levels. All rising juniors and seniors can join this live, interactive, 30-hour prep class online, taught by Ray and our expert teaching team. These courses are scheduled throughout the year, usually 6-8 weeks before a specific testing date.

Supplemental Programming

In addition to SARA™ and the Ray Dass Scholars program, we’ve also created additional programs to help students in both test prep and general academic coursework.

These sessions are designed to help students feel confident and ready going into the PSAT. We also take time to drive home the value of the PSAT and the opportunities their potential scores present.

All students are able to participate in these 6-hour reviews of various academic courses throughout the year. Key concepts are reviewed and students will also get to see how these concepts show up on the tests.

These 6-hour reviews are offered prior to the AP Exams to any student who wishes to attend and acts as a review and strategy course for the AP subject exams.

These reviews are offered prior to the AICE Exams to any student who wishes to attend and acts as a review and strategy course for the AICE exams.

Online Tutoring

Through SARA™, every student in the Charter Schools USA network of schools will receive SARA™ help, test prep tutoring, and academic course tutoring 5 days a week by our teaching team, which is made up of alumni of Ray’s program who are all attending Ivy league and top-tier colleges and universities across the country!

Programming by Grade Level

The following schedule outlines the available programs for students in each grade level.