law school photo

Post by Abby Regan

The first organization I joined at my school was my pre-law fraternity. The application process was a week long and involved a series of interviews as well as a full online application (of course, at the top of my resume was my National Merit Scholarship). Each one of my interviewers asked me about National Merit, and when I explained to them how my test prep journey had taught me that I really can do anything that I work hard for, each one seemed impressed. When the fraternity invited me to be a member, they mentioned that they had every new member go through a “leadership development” course taught by fraternity members. What was this “leadership development” course? Mostly LSAT preparation.

The LSAT is the entrance exam to get into top law schools. For someone unfamiliar with the test preparation world, it can feel like Mount Everest. For someone who knows that they can do anything with the right amount of hard work and dedication, it’s nothing. I knew I had picked the right pre-law fraternity because they started our preparation in our first semester. I started to remember when I began my SAT preparation my freshman year of high school.

Spoiler alert: standardized tests don’t stop after your college acceptance. They will continue to plague your college years, from the first day of your freshman year to the day you receive your Ph.D.

But I have good news: the test preparation skills you learn in high school won’t leave you either. The mindset of “hard work makes results” won’t even stop after your Ph.D. Your highschool self is setting your future self up for success, and your future self is going to be so thankful that you did.