There are some questions in life worth getting right on the first try

When it comes to questions about the future, the correct answer always starts with believing. 

Most students don’t start out believing in themselves. And most schools are stuck with an  established approach that doesn’t put the student first. We believe even when students don’t. It’s this belief that fuels the fire to ignite a lifetime of positive outcomes that will change the world.

Once belief is in place, it’s crucial to have a focused plan. That’s what we have created.

And it works.

Ray Dass


It’s Time to See Your Potential

Ray Dass has a unique gift for teaching people to see the genius within themselves.

From tutoring students one-on-one to working with thousands of students in partnership with schools throughout the nation, Ray’s singular focus has always been on making students into stars, and letting schools shine as a result.

Ray’s approach has led countless students to reach scores (and college acceptances) that they never dreamed were possible, giving their high schools unprecedented results and unrivaled reputations.

In just 5 years since launching nationally, Ray has built the number one National Merit program in the nation among private schools, the number two National Merit program in the southeast United States among Catholic schools, and has produced the majority of private school Merit Scholars for the entire state of Florida.