RAY DASS Scholars

Summer 2022


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The Scholars Program is designed for high-achieving Sophomores and Juniors aiming for nearly perfect scores in the 1400+ range.

The primary focus of the Ray Dass Scholars program is to prepare sophomores for the National Merit qualifying PSAT in October of 11th grade.

Our comprehensive curriculum is also proven to be effective for juniors and seniors working towards close to perfect scores on the SAT and ACT.

The sessions are led by Ray Dass himself and our teaching team of RD Scholars alumni who are now attending Ivy League and Top Tier colleges all across the country.

Our sessions will begin in May and run until the October PSAT!  Multiple sessions will be held every week to accommodate our students’ busy schedules.

Every student will receive 100+ hours of live instruction AND be assigned coaches/mentors that provide additional, customized sessions and support as needed.

Gaps are identified as the program progresses, and students will be broken up into breakout sessions specially designed to target those challenge areas.

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  • 100+ hours of LIVE class instruction led by Ray Dass himself!
  • Access to thousands of interactive lessons through our SARA™ program!
  • Timed practice tests led by our experience teaching team.
  • Regular check-ins from our mentors/coaches.
  • LIVE Extra Help 7 days a week with our expert teaching team!
  • WiFi for stable internet connection
  • iPad, Mac, or PC for SARA
  • Zoom for live review sessions

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Josh T
Very Interactive!

Makes the classes very entertaining and interactive. I have learned a lot. All the teachers are not only interested in the academic growth of the students but also themselves as people too!

Jordan Y.
Online learning is awesome!

All of the instructors, including Ray himself are super friendly, understanding, and well-versed in how the SAT works and math/reading sections. The materials and guides I'm offered through the program have been invaluable to helping me out, as well as the Zoom sessions offered here. I honestly prefer the online learning over in-school learning, since it is shorter, more interactive, and more fun in general.

Simran S.
Grateful to have this!

Ray Dass is an excellent instructor who genuinely considers the weak points and the problems his students may not recognize and assists them in bettering their test-taking skills. His review of our basic curriculum is very helpful and I have seen the benefits in my practice SATs already. I am very grateful I have access to this program.

Sidny H.
I improved by 150 points!

This program has helped me improve so much in such a short period of time. I wish we could have had access to this program earlier but I greatly appreciate how much this program has already improved my score just in the practice tests. It has been more effective than other studying methods that I have tried and I have improved my score by 150 points and hope to continue improving. Thank you so much.

Samila R.
Such an excellent teacher!!

Ray Dass is such an excellent teacher who has taught me tricks and tips for doing the problems more effectively. I like how he puts a lot of effort and thought into how he teaches us.