RDL is the most amazing academic event you’ll ever attend in your high school career. In one day, you will learn and review all the math you will need to know for the SAT and ACT. Proven Results. Students who’ve worked with Ray have boosted their SAT scores an average of 200+ points, and individual increases range as high as 600+ points. Ray has cultivated hundreds of National Merit scholars over the last 8 years and set a new precedent for test prep.


In-depth Review. Ray Dass gives you a refresher on content you haven’t seen in years, an overview of unfamiliar question types, and a mastery of the strategies you need to get past every SAT/ACT-tested concept. Ray and his highly qualified team of teachers will be there to help you during breaks. You will receive access to the award-winning iPad and Web app by Ray Dass for extra practice. In the RDL course, you’ll have access to the questions Ray and his team teach at the event. Each type a question includes a video tutorial by Ray.


DJ all day long! We’ll practice math and listen to live music by our own in-house DJ during breaks to give you a quick mental reboot and breather between math questions!


Feast and fuel. The brain cannot do hours and hours of all this SAT and ACT math without a delicious meal! The event is catered so your parents and you don’t have to worry about food. Come for the food, learn the math.

When: Saturday September 28th, 2019 Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Location: Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School