Once you believe

THere is nothing that can’t be achieved!

Classroom roots

Starting almost a decade ago, the results Ray Dass and his teaching team had in the classroom were unmatched by any other program in the nation.

Unlimited reach

Now, the SARA program has surpassed even the unparalleled results Ray Dass and his team had teaching live in the classroom, bringing the best prep in the nation to schools and students everywhere.


Best of all, as SARA grows to work with more schools, the results are consistent.


Ray Dass is responsible for creating the #1 National Merit program among private schools in the nation, as well as the #1 National Merit program among diocesan Catholic schools in the southeast United States.


Power to the students

 The power of a school lies in its students, so it’s important that each and every student has the ultimate guidance and opportunity to surpass even their own expectations.

Powerful for schools

The only way for students to gain admission to the best universities in the nation is with the highest scores in the nation.


When students are given the opportunity and confidence to finally move out of the status quo, their scores position them for admission to literally the best universities in the nation.

And Receive

What a school gets in return is the academic reputation needed to dominate its competitors in enrollment.