Frequently asked questions…

What is National Merit?

A competition open to all U.S. high school students who take the Official PSAT in 11th gradeNational Merit recognition is reserved for the top 1% of students every year. This is a major distinction that will differentiate you from countless other candidates when applying to the top universities.

“Just to simplify college admissions — about one third of your application is going to be your grades, about one third of the application is your SAT the ACT scores, and one third is everything else — so, that is your essays, your recommendations, your extracurricular, etc.”

“Myths Behind College Admissions and Optional SAT and ACT Testing”, www.tapinto.net, 03/11/2021


Why is National Merit So Important?

Though the National Merit Corporation will only award $2500, more that 350 MILLION DOLLARS is allocated every year for colleges around the country to recruit students who have earned the National Merit distinction.

National Merit can give you an incredible advantage when applying to college. Top universities in the country actually seek out and favor National Merit Scholars. 

“The National Merit Scholarship is only one of many merit scholarships that students can win in the college application process, but it is among the most prestigious. Furthermore, in addition to the cachet of becoming a National Merit Scholarship winner, there are a variety of additional benefits to participating in the National Merit program. Reaching the status of Commended Student or Semifinalist is a strong indicator of your academic excellence to include in your application, and may enable you to apply for Special Scholarships.”

“Understanding the National Merit Scholarship Program”, www.sparkadmissions.com



 Colleges all over the country have been spreading “test optional” buzz everywhere – even more so in light of all the test cancellations we saw this past year due to the pandemic. The fact of the matter is, test-optional does not mean the same thing as test-blind and unfortunately not only have most schools that have gone “test-optional” still looked at the scores that were submitted and used them as a factor in admissions, but they also received and rejected more applications than in previous years. This situation is true for most colleges, and unfortunately just show us that standardized tests are still a valuable tool to measure college readiness. 

ALSO – we have not heard of ANY merit-based scholarship changing their requirements: which means if you need scholarships, you need test scores. 

“Moreover, test-optional isn’t the same thing as test-blind — and deciding not to submit scores could detrimentally impact applicants. According to our data, students who applied to a test-optional school who submitted scores above the 25th percentile were accepted at roughly two times the rate of students who applied without submitting scores (this is for students with similar profiles otherwise).”

“Should You Apply Test-Optional for the 2020-2021 Cycle?, CollegeVine, 09/03/2020


Why Should I Choose Ray Dass Scholars?

Over the last decade, Ray Dass and his team of expert teachers and tutors have instructed over 150,000 students across the country and produced more than 1000 National Merit Semifinalists during that time. His program also built the #1 school in the nation among private schools for their number of National Merit Scholars across multiple years, with the most recent being the 2021 Merit class.

Ray developed this program himself, collecting over research and data from more than 15 years of successful implementations with unparalleled results. Ray Dass Scholars is the most comprehensive and successful program available for students looking to achieve National Merit recognition or perfect or close to perfect scores on standardized tests. 


What Will My CHILD Gain From This Experience?

More than anything, our goal is to ensure every student leaves us KNOWING THEY CAN can achieve anything they put their minds to! Students will learn incredible life skills while they practice discipline, learn new ways to think critically, and master test taking strategies. Every piece of the program is designed to maximize each student’s scoring potential on the PSAT/ SAT or ACT!


How Much Does This Program Cost?

The tuition for this program is valued at $2,500, BUT we have dropped the price to ONLY $1500 due to the hard year everyone has had. This price and includes all materials and over 100 hours of the BEST TEST PREP in the nation!


What if I am Unable to Pay the Full Tuition Today?


We as a team understand what having support and guidance can do to change the course of a person’s life and Ray would never want ANY of you to miss out on the opportunity to achieve your dreams because of a financial need.

If you are concerned about the payment amount, please email rdscholars@raydass.com or call 954.415.6352 and tell us YOUR story so we figure out the best way to help you – however we can!


What Else Will I Need?

Students should a have a designated Ray Dass notebook (online or virtual), strong wifi connection and device to access ZOOM with a camera on and SARA for practice!


WHAT iF i still have quesTions?

Contact us via info@raydass.com or call us at 954.415.6352