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Colleges and universities today are receiving more applications than they ever have before.  The admissions teams at most of these schools are relatively small, and with so many applications to review in such a short amount of time, the decision-making process really comes down to a few key metrics.

What are those metrics?  Test scores and GPA’s.

In order to get through the thousands of applications that often look incredibly similar to one another, they use test scores and GPA’s to whittle down the applications to those that they want to take a closer look at.

So, what can you do to get ahead?  Do your research!

If you have specific schools you’re interested in attending, take time to look up the average SAT scores of admitted students.  Once you find those scores, set a goal to exceed those scores by at least 50 pts.

In addition to looking at those average test scores, I’d recommend you look at the different scholarships that are offered and find out what test scores you’ll need to tap into them.  There are a ton of scholarships out there and you’d be amazed at how much you can gain access to with a strong SAT score.

Let me know what colleges and universities you’re looking at!