Why Cramming Doesn’t Work

Photo by JESHOOTS-com

We tend to look at test prep the same way we imagine someone approaches training for a marathon.  It’s methodical, purposeful, and done over a period of time.  We doubt that the majority of us would attempt to run a marathon without months, if not years, of training.  Well, some of us might, but it wouldn’t be pretty.

Why approach the PSAT, SAT, or ACT any different?

Cramming doesn’t work.  And it’s super stressful too!

It’s scientifically proven that those that learn material and concepts over time retain that information better than those that don’t.  And who doesn’t love science, right?  Long term learning and repetition help deepen the understanding of the material and reduce the amount of information you forget as you’re presented with the same or similar material at a later date.

If cramming doesn’t work, what does work?

Don’t just take it from us!  The American Psychological Association website summarizes it perfectly.

If you have 12 hours to spend on a particular subject, you will retain more in long-term memory if you break those 12 hours up into 3-hour blocks over a 4-week time period than to try and get through the 12 hours in the final week.

We know that sounds like a math problem. So the bottom line is that the more you practice, the better you get.

What are some ways you are practicing for your tests? Let us know in the comments below!