National Merit

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Post by Nate Rosenberger

People often ask us why we are so passionate about National Merit

The straight-up truth is pretty simple:  it’s the intensity, the drive, the self-discipline to achieve it; the profound sense of accomplishment at the end;  the realization that you are capable of more than you’ve ever thought possible.

And something more tangible and practical: it provides students and their families he monies for attending the college of their dreams!


A lot of people don’t realize the amount of merit-based aid that colleges and universities give to National Merit Scholars and those with high SAT and ACT scores.  Colleges and Universities across the country give full rides, free room and board, stipends to cover the cost of books, technology, etc.

Here’s just a few examples of schools that offer these amazing benefits:

  • Auburn University gives full tuition and room and board to Finalists and Semifinalists
  • Louisiana State University gives full tuition for Finalists and Semifinalists
  • Ohio State University gives up to $4,000 for Finalists

The list of schools goes on.  And on. And on.

We are passionate about Merit for a lot of reasons.  Did you know these benefits existed? Let us know in the comments below!